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Spennymoor 1934
Spennymoor - Private residents
BatesFrederick Potter M.A., Rev.vicar & surrogateVicarage
BennetGordon-17 Whitworth Terrace
DaviesSamuel Bridge M.A., M.B.-86 Clyde Terrace
FarquharsonAlexander Charles B.Sc., M.D.-Clyde Terrace
ForrestHarry-69 Craddock Street
FosterJohn Henry Bacon, D.L., J.P.-Whitworth House
GillWilliam-61 Clyde Terrace
GrayWilliam R. H., M.A., J.P.-Whitworth Park
HallJohn George-Bank House, Whitworth Terrace
HillRowland-60 Clyde Terrace
HornsbyRobinson-Hawthorn House, Osborne Road
MeikleCharles Ferguson-44 Whitworth Terrace
NewboldJohn, Rev.Methodist59 Whitworth Terrace
ReavleyJohn, J.P.-44 Clyde Terrace
RusselGeorge Roy, Rev.Methodist76 Whitworth Terrace
ScottSurtees-81 Clyde Terrace
TelferRobert-59 Clyde Terrace
WallsThomas Nelson-61 Whitworth Terrace
WanlessCharles Thompson-Lealholme, Whitworth Terrace
WhillanceRobert-74 Whitworth Terrace
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Spennymoor - Commercial
Alderson NormanRate & General Collector to Spennymoor Urban District CouncilTown Hall, High Street
Allen George Anthony F.S.M.C., F.I.O.Opthalmic Optician99 Clyde Terrace
Anderson JohnFarmerWoodhouse Farm
AndersonJacobSecretary, Spennymoor Masonic Hall (Whitworth Lodge 1932)Dundas Street
AndersonJ.T.Secretary, Freemason’S HallDundas Street
Atkinson WilliamFruiterer76 High Street
Bayles RobertSanitary Inspector & Inspector of Common Lodging Houses81 Whitworth Terrace
Bayles RobertSanitary Inspector & Inspector of Common Lodging HousesTown Hall, High Street
Beagley Edward H.Grocer84 George Street
BellW.A.Collector, Durham County Water Board10 Whitworth Terrace
Bennet GordonDental Surgeon17 Whitworth Terrace
Bertram Alex. M.P.S.Chemist9 Whitworth Terrace
Bishop Auckland Industrial Co-operative Flour & Provisions Society Ltd.--Whitworth Terrace
Blackburn HenryClogger7 Duncombe Street
Blenkin J. (Miss)Ladies’ Hairdresser5 Clyde Terrace
Bottoms Annie (Mrs.)Shopkeeper10 Clarence Street
Brass James & SonButcherDrake Street
Bricklebank Maria (Mrs.)Shopkeeper 18 Villiers Street
Brooks Isabella Alice (Mrs.)-11 Thomas Street
Brown Isabel (Mrs.)Shopkeeper9 Rosa Street
BrownJamesTravellers’ Rest Public HouseThomas Street
Browning Ruth (Mrs.)Newsagent21 Clyde Terrace
Burt ThomasCabinet MakerVilliers Street
Butler Thomas WilliamWatch & Clock Repairer6 Villiers Street
Button CharlesInsurance AgentEden Road
Byers Percival GeorgeCarpenter & Joiner5 Thomas Street
Byers Percival GeorgeCarpenter & Joiner15 Whitworth Terrace
Cadman FrancisFried Fish Dealer10 Clyde Terrace
Cambridge Theatre--Arthur Street
Carrick’s (Caterers) Ltd.-Confectioners11a High Street
Cash Clothing Co.--47 High Street
Cator Ernest & FrederickCycle & Gramophone & Radio Agents & Motor Car Proprietors24 High Street
Chambers Frances Mary (Miss)Stationer Post Office21 Clyde Terrace
Chrich Isabella (Mrs.)Queen’S Head Public HouseVillier Street
Clay John WilliamButcher22 Clyde Terrace
Close GeorgeGrocer24 Clyde Terrace
Cobb M. W.Cambridge HotelArthur Street
Cockayne Hannah (Mrs.)Shopkeeper40 Jackson Street
Conn WilliamRoyal Oak Public HouseChurch Street
CookFredSecretary, Spennymoor Knights of the Golden Horn ClubWhitworth Terrace
Cooper Leonard, F.B.O.A., F.I.O.Optician48 High Street
Cottrell Margaret (Mrs.)Victoria InnGeorge Street
Cottrel N. (Mrs.)ConfectionerVilliers Street
Courtney J. A.Clerk to the Durham County Council Juvenile Education & Employment BureauTown Hall
Craggill John E.Railway HotelClarence Street
Cunningham JohnChimney Sweeper38 George Street
Curry JamesMotor Haulage Contractor17 Princess Street
Daley Isabella (Mrs.)Shopkeeper82 Jackson Street
Daley Sarah (Mrs.)Shopkeeper44 George Street
Danish Butter Co.--70 High Street
DavisSamuel Bridge M.A., M.B., B.Ch. Oxon., M.R.C.S. Eng., L.R.C.P. Lond.Physician & Surgeon86 Clyde Terrace
DavisonCharlesRelieving Officer For Whitworth DistrictTown Hall, High Street
DavisonCharlesRelieving Officer For Whitworth DistrictRosemount, West Terrace
Defty RichardWholesale Hardware Dealer & Ironmonger & Wool Warehouseman67 High Street
DerdleH.Lessee, Cambridge TheatreArthur Street
Doberman SolomonFurniture Dealer43 High Street
DodshonF.W.Tiplady’S, Outfitters33 High Street
Doggarts Ltd.-Drapers3 & 5 High Street
Doggarts Ltd.-Clothiers23 High Street
Duncan W. Ltd.-Provision Dealers9 High Street
Durham County Water Board--10 Whitworth Terrace
Easington Coal Co. Ltd.-Colliery OwnersWhitworth House (registered offices)
Eastmans Ltd.-Butchers8 High Street
Eddy Oswald & SamuelTaxi Proprietors7 Church Street
Eddy RobertFried Fish Dealer7 Church Street
Edwards Brothers-Fruit MerchantsQueen Street
Eddy RobertFried Fish Dealer5 Clarence Street
Elliot Norman WebsterButcher12 Clyde Terrace
Eve B. A. & SonTailors16 Whitworth Terrace
Fairley SamuelFried Fish Dealer16 Clyde Terrace
Farquharson Alexander CharlesPhysician & SurgeonClyde Terrace
Farquharson Alexander CharlesPhysician & Surgeon7 Whitworth Terrace (surgery)
Fenny Jane Eleanor (Mrs.)Confectioner26 Clyde Terrace
Forrest HarrySecretary to Spennymoor & Tudhoe Gas Co.30 Thomas Street
Foster Henry & Sons (Bishop Auckland) Ltd.-Plumbers7 Clyde Terrace
Foster HarryBoot Repairer60 George Street
Freemason’s Hall--Dundas Street
Garricks (caterers) Ltd.-Bakers13 High Street
Gibbons Jane (Mrs.)Pit Laddie Public HouseDundas Street
Gill William SawreyHouse Furnishers55 to 59 High Street
Gilmore PeterVane Arms Public House66 High Street
Gornell John ThomasFarmerHigh Whitworth Farm
Gray TomMotor Haulage Contractor56 Baff Street
Greenwood JosephButcher1 Church Street
Hall AndrewGrocer13 Clyde Terrace
Hall AndrewGrocer23 Whitworth Terrace
Hall John GeorgeManager, Martins Bank Ltd.Bank House, Whitworth Terrace
HamiltonHornbyWatchmaker64 High Street
Hanselman ArthurPork Butcher29 Whitworth Terrace
Hanselman Ernest JohnFishmonger29 High Street
Harker George WilliamBoot Dealer78 High Street
HarriotH.General Manager, Towns’ Hall Picture HouseJames Street
Harrison GeorgeBaker35 Clyde Terrace
Harrison GeorgeBaker30 High Street
Hartley WilliamShopkeeper148 George Street
Hawkins AlfredPainter31 Baff Street
Hay NormanGrocer29 Clyde Terrace
Hepworth J. & Son Ltd.-Clothiers28 High Street
Heron WilliamMotor Car GarageWhitworth Terrace
Hill Rowland, M.P.S.Chemist15 High Street
Hood A. (Miss)Draper2 North Street
Hornsby RobinsonJeweller38 High Street
Horrey John & SonPawnbrokers10 Villiers Street
Hunter W. A.Fried Fish Dealer30 Whitworth Terrace
Hunters (The Teamen) Ltd.-Tea Dealers62 High Street
HutchinsonMatthew, sergeantDrill Instructor to Detachment C. Company 6Th. Territorial Battalion Durham Light InfantryDrill Hall Park Avenue
Irwin B. (Miss)Ladies’ Hairdresser36 Whitworth Terrace
Jackson IsaacInsurance Agent3 Timothy Terrace
Jameson WilfridConfectioner36 Clyde Terrace
Jewitt Josiah & SonOmnibus Proprietors2 Park Avenue
Johnson GeorgeBoot Repairer12 Whitworth Terrace
Jones JacobPrinter4 Villiers Street
Jones ThomasBoot Repairer9 Clyde Terrace
Jouhar Sartaj Dean L.M.S.S.A., LondonPhysician & Surgeon7 Whitworth Terrace (surgery)
Kenmir Brothers-Wholesale Cabinet MakersFlora Street & Oak Terrace
King John WilliamShopkeeper6 Clyde Terrace
Kitching Sarah (Mrs.)Fruiterer 6 Whitworth Terrace
Knowles Samuel JosephDraper12 High Street
Lawnes-ConfectionersWhitworth Terrace
Lawson M.S.Haulage Contractor20 North Street
Lee Sarah Jane (Mrs.)ShopkeeperDrake Street
Liddle RobertInsurance Agent29 Baff Street
Lidster Florence (Miss)Fruiterer45 High Street
Lipton Ltd.-Provision Dealers4a High Street
Lister M. E. (Mrs.)Costumier4 High Street
Liversidge C. N.Manager National Provincial Bank Ltd.High Street
Lloyds Bank Ltd.--High Street
London & Newcastle Tea Co. Ltd.--71 High Street
Loughran ThomasSurtees Hotel75 High Street
Luck Isabella (Mrs.)Shopkeeper4 Church Street
Malcolm AdamHair DresserThomas Street
Maynards Ltd.-Confectioners11 high street
Meek ErnestInsurance Agent71 South Street
Meikle Charles FergusonSolicitor & Clerk to the Urban District CouncilTown Hall
Meredith Gertrude (Miss)Modiste51 High Street
Miller CharlieLicesed Horse SlaughtererWhitworth Pit
Miller ThomasDraper56 High Street
MillwardRobertSteward, Spennymoor Knights of the Golden Horn ClubWhitworth Terrace
Mulholland Ann (Mrs.)Shopkeeper32 George Street
Murdoch RobertFancy Draper24 Whitworth Terrace
Nichol Septimus HunterDentistCatherine Street
Nicholson GeorgeBaker72 High Street
North-Eastern Electric Supply Co. Ltd.-Showrooms3 Clyde Terrace
Northcott & Blake Ltd.-Wallpaper Merchants7 High Street
Ovington Jessie (Mrs.)Shopkeeper6 Clarence Street
Parlett HaroldBeer RetailerQueen Street
Pattison Eugenia (Mrs.)Fried Fish Dealer5 Duncombe Street
Paxon Thomas WilliamGrocer57 Clyde Terrace
Peacock GeorgeSchool Attendance Officer5 Belle Vue
Pearl Assurance Co. Ltd.'---12 High Street
PearsonArthurManager, London & Newcastle Tea Co. Ltd.71 High Street
Pearson HenryShopkeeper7 Villiers Street
Petty Anthony (executors of)Leather Sellers20 High Street
PrattArthurSecretary, Spennymoor Cricket Club-
Prest John WilliamCarpenter12 John Street
Preston Florence (Mrs.)Shopkeeper5 Drake Street
Proud AnthonyWaterloo Hotel16 High Street
Public Benefit Boot Co. Ltd.--34 High Street
Raine WilliamColliery InnGeorge Street
Raisbeck Gladys (Miss)Grocer18 Clarence Street
Reah Reginald A.Station HotelWhitworth Terrace
Reavley John, J.P.Stationer26 High Street
Reeves RobertNorth Eastern Hotel-
Reeves RobertWheatsheaf Inn60 High Street
Richards Ishmael & GeorgeGrocers104 George Street
Richardson HenrySports Outfitter40 High Street
Rigby Louisa (Mrs.)Tobacconist82 High Street
Ringtons Ltd.,-Tea MerchantsHigh Grange Road
Ripley JosephGrocer11 Dundas Street
RiversMichaelPresident, Spennymoor Knights of the Golden Horn ClubWhitworth Terrace
Robinson ArthurAlbert HotelCatherine Street
RobinsonB.P., Capt.Territorial Battallion (6Th.) D.L.I. (Detatchment C.Co)Park Avenue
Robinson Laura (Miss)Ladies’ Hairdresser63 High Street
Robinson WilliamRating & Valuation Officer to the Urban District Council & To Spennymoor Sub-Committee Of Co. Durham Local Pension CommitteeTown Hall
RobsonDanielRegistrar of Births & Deaths for Spennymoor Sub-DistrictOld Town Hall
RobsonDanielInsurance Agent56 Clyde Terrace
RobsonDanielSecretary, Towns’ Hall Co.Ltd.James Street
Robson HerbertShopkeeper7 Drake Street
Robson ThomasAngel InnOxford Street
Sample WilliamButcherDuncombe Street
Sams CharlesShafto Arms Public HouseHigh Street
Sanderson RobertConfectioner49 High Street
Sanderson RobertConfectioner32 Thomas Street
Scott SurteesEngineer & ManagerSpennymoor & Tudhoe Gas Co. Ltd.
ShandWilliamWorshipful Master, Spennymoor Masonic Hall (Whitworth Lodge 1932)Dundas Street
Shepherd WilliamBlacksmithCharles Street
Singer Sewing Machine Company Ltd.--73 High Street
Slade Jessie (Mrs.)Beer Retailer77 Stratton Street
Smedley JohnFried Fish Dealer65 Craddock Street
Smith James & Sons (Cleaners)Ltd.-Dyers & Cleaners80 High Street
Smith T.C.Haulage Contractor40 Whitworth Terrace
Snowball Joseph & SonPrinters36 High Street
Snowball Joseph & SonPrintersDundas Street
Snowdon William Hall M.P.S.Chemist46 High Street
SparksJ.L.Superintendant, Pearl Assurance Co. Ltd.12 High Street
Spencer Charles R.Surveyor, Urban District Council OfficesTown Hall
Spencer WilliamButcherThomas Street
Spennymoor Cricket Club---
Spennymoor Knights of the Golden Horn Club--Whitworth Terrace
Spennymoor Masonic Hall-Whitworth Lodge 1932Dundas Street
Spennymoor & Tudhoe Gas Co.-Offices32 Thomas Street
Spennymoor & Tudhoe Gas Co.-Showrooms18 High Street
Spennymoor United Football Club---
Stubbs ClydeBridge Inn1 High Street
SuttonCharlesSecretary, Spennymoor United Football Club-
Sutton George & Charles CroftonHouse FurnishersHigh Street
Teasdale John GeorgeDairymanDrake Street
Teasdale Louisa (Mrs.)Registered Lodging House71 George Street
Telfer RobertBuilderQueen Street
Territorial Battallion (6th.) D.L.I.-Detatchment C.CompanyPark Avenue
ThompsonN. (Miss)Draper32 High Street
Tiplady’s-Outfitters33 High Street
Towns’ Hall Co.Ltd.--James Street
Towns’ Hall Picture House (H.Harriot, general manager), James Street--James Street
Trimdon Coal Co. Ltd.-Colliery OwnersWhitworth House (registered office)
Trotter JamesGrocer27 Villiers Street
Tyler H. P. Ltd-Boot Dealers31 High Street
Victoria Park Recreation Ground-Under Management of Spennymoor Urban District Council-
WallsThomas N.President, Spennymoor Cricket Club-
Walls Thomas NelsonDraper2 & 4 Duncombe Street
Walls Thomas NelsonDraper18 & 19 High Street
Watson Robert JohnsonButcher35 High Street
Wearmouth & Jones-Printers4 Villiers Street
Webb F. & F.Drapers54 George Street
Weightman JohnCrown HotelWhitworth Terrace
West ElijahVoltiguer Inn82 George Street
Wetherell Brothers-Printers33 Catherine Street
Whillance RobertManager Of Lloyds Bank Ltd.High Street
Willan Jasper JosephYeast MerchantQueen Street
Willson Walter Ltd.-Provision Dealers4 High Street
Wilson MissesButchers61 High Street
Wingate Coal Co. Ltd.-Colliery OwnersWhitworth House (registered office)
Woolworth F.W. & Co. Ltd.-Bazaar37 & 39 High Street
Young CharlesLord Raglan Public HouseHigh Street
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