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Spennymoor 1936
Spennymoor - Private residents
BatesReverend Frederick Potter M. A. (Vicar and surrogate)Vicarage, Clyde Terrace
BennetGordon17 Whitworth Terrace
DavisSamuel Bridge M. A.M. B. 44 Whitworth Terrace
ForrestHarry69 Craddock Street
ForsterJohn Henry Bacon D.L., J.P.Whitworth House
GetcliffeReverend C. A. (Methodist)59 Whitworth Terrace
GleigFrazer Dewar B. Sc.18 Clyde Terrace
HillRowland60 Clyde Terrace
HornsbyRobinsonHawthorn House, Osborne Road
LivingstonJames Campbell M. B. B. S. DurhamUgie House, Clyde Terrace
PeacockS. E.Bank House Whitworth Terrace
ReavleyJohn J. P.44 Clyde Terrace
RusselReverend George Roy (Methodist)67 Whitworth Terrace
WanlessCharles ThompsonLealholme, Whitworth Terrace
WhillanceRobert74 Whitworth Terrace
WilsonW.Weardale House, Green Lane

Spennymoor - Commercial
Adams JamesGreengrocer20 Clyde Terrace
AldersonNormanRate and general collector to Spennymoor Urban District CouncilTown Hall, High Street
AndersonJonathanFarmerWoodhouse Farm
AnnakinJoyce (Miss)Ladies' hairdresser63 High Street
ArcherH. W.Private wash-houseVyners Street
ArmstrongJ. (Sergeant Instructor)Drill instructor to Detachment C Company, 6th. Terretorial Battalion, Durham Light InfantryDrill Hall, Park Avenue
AtkinsonE. (Mrs)Fruiterer76 High Street
AwdeF. B.Ladies' hairdresser77 Clyde Terrace
BakewellR. S.Radio dealer73 High Street
BeagleyM. F. (Mrs.)Grocer84 George Street
BellJ (Mrs.)Shopkeeper13 Drake Street
BellW. A.Collector, Durham County Water Board10 Whitworth Terrace
Bennett A. (Mrs.)Midwife19 Whitworth Terrace
Bennet Gordon L.D.S.R.C.S. Dental surgeon17 Whitworth Terrace
Bishop Auckland Industrial Co-operative Flour and Provisions Society Ltd.--Whitworth Terrace
Blackburn HenryClogger7 Duncombe Street
Blackett GladstoneBuilders merchant7 Clyde Terrace
Blenkin J. (Mrs.)Ladies' hairdresser5 Clyde Terrace
BonnetG. M.Area officer, Unemployment Assistance Board (Area Office Spennymoor & District)17 Clyde Terrace
Bottoms Annie (Mrs)Shopkeeper10 Clarence Street
Brass James & SonButchers12 Drake Street
BrownJamesTravellers' Rest Public HouseThomas Street
Brooks Isabella Alice (Mrs.)Shopkeeper19 and 21 Thomas Street
Brown Isabel (Mrs.)Shopkeeper9 Rosa Street
Browning Ruth (Mrs.)Newsagent21 Clyde Terrace
Burt ThomasCabinet makerVilliers Street
Byers Percival GeorgeBuilder13 Thomas Street
Byers Percival GeorgeBuilder15 Whitworth Terrace
Cain. W. M. S. F.Masseur56 South Terrace
Carrick's (Caterers) Ltd.-Confectioners13 High Street
Cash Clothing Co.--47 High Street
Cator Ernest & FrederickRadio dealers43 High Street
Cave R. (Mrs.)Shopkeeper11 Flora Street
ChambersFrances Mary (Miss)Stationer & Post office26 Clyde Terrace
Chatterton C. E.Confectioner22 High Street
Chipchase, Wood & Co.-Chartered Accountants65 Clyde Terrace
Clarence Ballroom (Hindmarsh Enterprise)--Clarence Street
Clay John WilliamButcher22 Clyde Terrace
Close GeorgeGrocer24 Clyde Terrace
CobbM.W.Cambridge HotelArthur Street
Cockayne Hannah (Mrs.)Shopkeeper40 Jackson Street
ConnA.Builder70 Whitworth Terrace
CookFredSecretary, Spennymoor Knight of the Golden Horn Club5 Whitworth terrace
Cooper Leonard F. B. O. A., F. I. O. Optician48 High Street
CottrellJ.Hairdresser5 Thomas Street
CotterellMargaret (Mrs)Victoria InnGeorge Street
Cottrell N. (Miss)ConfectionerVilliers Street
CourtneyJ. A.District Clerk to the Durham County Council Juvenile Education & Emoloyment Bureau42 Whitworth Terrace
Cowell Margaret (Mrs.)-48 George Street
Cunningham JonathanChimney sweep38 George Street
DaleyIsabella (Mrs.)Shopkeeper82 Jackson street
DaleySarah (Mrs.)Shopkeeper44 George Street
DavisSamuel Bridge M. A., M. B., B. Ch. Oxon., M. R. C. S. Eng., L. R. C. P. Lond.Physician and surgeon44 Whitworth Terrace
Davison CharlesRelieving officer for Whitworth districtTown hall, High Street
Davison CharlesRelieving officer for Whitworth districtRosemount, West Terrace
Defty RobertWholesale hardware dealer67 High Street
DerdleH.Lessee, Cambridge TheatreArthur Street
Doberman SolomonFurniture dealer52 & 54 High Street
DodshonF. W.Tiplady's outfitters33 High Street
Doggarts Ltd.-Drapers3 & 5 High Street
Doggarts Ltd.-Clothiers 23 High Street
Duncan W. Ltd.-Provision dealers9 High Street
Easington Coal Co. Ltd.-Colliery ownersRegistered offices, Whitworth House
Eastman's Ltd.-Butcher8 High Street
EbdonValentineRed Lion Public HouseQueen Street
EddyOswald & SamuelTaxi proprietors7 Church Street
Eddy RobertRobertFried fish dealer7 Church Street
Eddy RobertRobertFried fish dealer5 Clarence Street
Edwards Brothers-Fruit merchantsQueen Street
Edwards Sons-Commission agentsJames Street
ElliotNorman WebsterButcher12 Clyde Terrace
FenwickH.Grocer13 Dundas Street
ForrestHarryManager to Spennymoor & Tudhoe Gas Co.32 Thomas Street
FosterM. (Mrs.)Shopkeeper6 Villiers Street
GibbonsJane (Mrs)Pit Laddie Public HouseDundas Street
GillWilliam SawreyHouse furnisher55 to 59 High Street
GilmorePeterVane Arms Public House60 High Street
GornellJohn ThomasFarmerHigh Whitworth Farm
GraingerBenjaminHaulage contractorCraddock Street
GraingerBertHaulage contractorCraddock Street
GrayTomMotor haulage contractor56 Baff Street
Greenwood JosephButcher1 Church Street
GriffithsW.Haulage contractor-
HallAndrewGrocer14 Clyde Terrace
HallAndrewGrocer22 & 23 Whitworth Terrace
Hamilton HornbyWatch maker64 High Street
HanselmanCharlesFishmonger29 High Street
HarkerCliffordGeneral Manager, Towns' Hall Picture HouseJames Street
Harris & Meek-Bakers & pastrycooks29 Clyde Terrace
Harrison GeorgeBaker30 High Street
Harrison GeorgeBaker35 Clyde Terrace
HarrisonGeorgeBaker30 Whitworth Terrace
Hartley WilliamShopkeeper143 George Street
HawkinsAlfredPainter51 Baff Street
HendersonJacob T. M.Secretary, Freemason's HallDundas Street
Hepworth J & Son Ltd.Clothiers28 High Street
HerdmanT. W.fried fish dealerChestnut Avenue
HerringM. A. (Mrs)The Elite, ladies' hairdressers11a High Street
Hill RowlandChemist15 High Street
HodgsonH.Proprietor, motor engineer, Cambridge GarageArthur Street
HornsbyRobinsonJeweller38 High Street
HornsbyRobinsonSports outfitter40 High Street
Horrey Jonathan & SonPawnbrokers10 Villiers Street
HuitsonH.Inspector, Police StationDundas Street
HunterM.Cycle repairer50 George Street
HunterW H.Fried fish dealer36 Clyde Terrace
Hunters (The Teamen) Ltd.-Tea dealers62 High Street
Irwin E. (Miss)Ladies' hairdresser33 Clyde Terrace
Jameson W.Fruiterer45 High Street
Jaye RobertFruiterer8 Park Parade
Jewitt J. & SonOmnibus proprietor2 Park Parade
Johnstone GeorgeBoot repairer12 Whitworth Terrace
Jones ThomasBoot repairer9 Clyde Terrace
Jubilee Park Recreation Ground (under management of Spennymoor Urban District Council)---
Kenmir Brothers-Wholesale cabinet makersFlora Street
King John WilliamShopkeeper6 Clyde Terrace
Kirtley GeorgeFried fish dealer10 Clyde Terrace
Kitching Sarah (Mrs.)Fruiterer8 & 9 Whitworth Terrace
Knowles Samuel JosephDraper14 High Street
LewisW. H. T.Queen's Head, Public HouseVilliers Street
Lindsey Edith (Mrs.)ShopkeeperArthur Street
Lipton Ltd.-Provision dealers42 High Street
Lister M. E. (Mrs.)Costumier58 High Street
LiversidgeC. N.Manager, National provincial Bank Ltd.High Street
Livingston James Campbell M. B., B. S. DurhamPhysician and surgeonUgie House, Clyde Terrace
Livingston James Campbell M. B., B. S. DurhamPhysician and surgeon7 Whitworth Terrace (surgery)
Lloyds Bank Ltd.- (Robert Willance Manager)High Street
London and Newcastle Tea Co.--70 High Street
Margaret- ladies' hairdresser5 Thomas Street
Marley WalterSurveyor, Urban District CouncilTown Hall, High Street
Marshall HarryButcher18 High Street
Martins Bank Ltd.-(open daily)Whitworth Terrace
Mathews E. M. (Mrs.)Shopkeeper1 Drake Street
Maynards ltd.-Confectioners11 High Street
Meikle Charles FergusSolicitor & clerk to the Urban District CouncilTown Hall, High Street
Meredith Gertrude (Miss)Modiste24 & 51 High Street
Miller CharlieLicensed horse slaughtererWhitworth Pit
Miller CharlesPresident, Spennymoor Knight of the Golden Horn Club5 Whitworth terrace
Miller ThomasDraper56 High Street
MillwardJane (Mrs)Stewardess, Spennymoor Knight of the Golden Horn Club6 Whitworth terrace
Moores Stores Ltd.-Grocers17 High Street
MulhollandAnn (Mrs.)Shopkeeper32 George Street
MurdochM. I.Fancy draper24 Whitworth Terrace
New Brancepeth Colliery Co. Ltd.-Colliery ownersRegistered office, Whitworth House
NewtonC.Furniture remover41 Flora Street
NicholSeptimus HunterDentistCatherine Street
Nicholson GeorgeBaker72 High Street
North Eastern Electric Supply Co. Ltd.-Showrooms3 Clyde Terrace
Northcott & Blake Ltd.-Wall paper merchants7 High Street
Ovington Jessie (Mrs.)Shopkeeper6 Clarence Street
Pattison Eugenia (Mrs.)fried fish dealer5 Duncombe Street
PattulloWilliam Junior M.I.M.T.Proprietor, Beaumont GarageWhitworth Terrace
Peacock S. E.Manager, Martins Bank Ltd.Bank House, Whitworth Terrace
Petch ArthurShopkeeper18 Villiers Street
Petty AnthonyLeather merchants20 High Street
Prest John WilliamUndertaker27 Clyde Terrace
ProudAnthonyWaterloo Hotel16 High Street
Public Benefit Boot Co. Ltd.--34 High Street
RaineWilliamColliery InnGeorge Street
ReahReginald A.Station HotelWhitworth Terrace
Reavley John, J.P.Stationer26 High Street
ReevesRobertWheatsheaf Hotel69 High Street
ReynoldsCuthbert H.Rolling Mill Public HouseOxford Street
ReynoldsJoan (Mrs)Surtees Hotel75 High Street
RichardsIshmael & GeorgeGrocers104 George Street
Rigby Louisa (Mrs.)Tobacconist82 High Street
Ringtons Ltd.-Tea merchantsCheapside
RobinsonM. (Mrs)Albert HotelCatherine Street
Robinson WilliamValuation Officer to the Urban District Council & Clerk to Spennymoor Sub-Committee of Co. Durham Local Pensions CommitteeTown Hall, High Street
RobsonDanielRegistrar of births & deaths for Spennymoor sub-districtTown Hall
RobsonDanielInsurance Agent56 Clyde Terrace
RobsonDanielSecretary, Towns' Hall Co. Ltd.James Street
Robson H.Fried fish dealer16 Clyde Terrace
RoddamG., CaptainTerritorial Battalion (6th.) Durham Light Infantry (Detachment C Company)Villiers Street
Ross HarryGrocer57 Clyde Terrace
RuddG. W.Proprietor, London Lending LibraryCirculating library, 22 High Street
Sample WilliamButcherDuncombe Street
Sanderson RobertConfectioner49 High Street
Shepherd WilliamBlacksmithCharles Street
Slade Jennie (Mrs.)Beer retailer77 Stratton Street
SladeJ. G.Lord Raglan Public HouseHigh Street
Smedley JohnBoot repairer65 Craddock Street
SmithG. W. N.Secretary, Spennymoor United Football Club-
Smith James & Sons (Cleaners Ltd)-Dyers and cleaners80 High Street
Smith T. C.Haulage contractor49 Whitworth Terrace
Smurthwaite J.Haulage contractor5 Rock Road
Snowball Joseph and SonPrinters37 High Street
Snowball Joseph and SonPrintersPark Avenue (works)
Snowdon William HallChemist46 High Street
Spencer WilliamButcher7 Thomas Street
Spennymoor Masonic Hall -Whitworth Lodge 1932Dundas Street
Spennymoor & Tudhoe Gas Co.-Offices32 Thomas Street
Spooner O.Shopkeeper5 Drake Street
StubbsClydeBridge Inn1 High Street
StubbsG. W.Voltigeur Inn82 George Street
Suttcliffe & Brown-Ladies' outfitters16 Whitworth Terrace
Sutton George and CharlesCrofton House, house furnishersHigh Street
Swales MauriceSanitary inspector & inspector of common lodging houses84 Clyde Terrace & Town Hall, High Street
TaylorW. Y.Worshipful Master, Spennymoor Masonic Hall (Whitworth Lodge 1932)Dundas Street
Teasdale John GeorgeShopkeeperChestnut Avenue
TeasdaleM. (Miss)Teacher of shorthand19 North Street
Telfer F. A.BuilderQueen Street
Thompson N. (Miss)Draper32 High Street
Trimdon Coal Co. Ltd.-Colliery ownersRegistered offices, Whitworth House
Trotter JamesGrocer27 Villiers Street
Tyler H. P. Ltd.Boot dealers31 High Street
Walls T. N. & SonDrapers19 High Street
Watson RichardGrocer18 Clarence Street
WatsonRobert JohnsonButcher35 High Street
Wearmouth & Jones-Printers4 Villiers Street
WebbA.FarmerWoodvue Farm
WeightmanJonathanCrown HotelWhitworth Terrace
WestErnestRailway HotelClarence Street
WetherellBrothersPrinters33 Catherine Street
Wharton R. B.Hairdresser4 Clyde Terrace
WhillanceRobertManager Lloyds Bank Ltd. High Street
Willan Jasper JosephYeast merchant2 Princes Street
WilliamsomH.Superintendant, Pearl Assurance Co. Ltd.12 High Street
WillsonWalter Ltd.Provision dealers4 High Street
WilsonMissesButchers61 High Street
WilsonW.Builders & contractorsCoulson Street
WilsonWilliamLadies' hairdresser3 Whitworth Terrace
Wingate Coal Co. Ltd.-Colliery ownersRegistered offices, Whitworth House
Woolworth F. W. & Co. Ltd.-Bazaar37 & 39 High Street
WortleyA.Shafto Arms Public HouseHigh Street
WynnFredAngel InnOxford Street
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Whitworth - Private Residents
GrocerThomas Sidney, Rev. (vicar)The Vicarage
HarrisonGeorgeWest Holme
MeikleCharles FergusWhitworth Cottage
OxleyThomasHorswell House
ProudlockWilliamSpennymoor House
ShaftoRobert Charles Duncombe J. P.Whitworth Park
Whitworth - Commercial
AndersonJ.FarmerWoodhouse Farm
CooperThomasFarmerNewtown Farm
CroweGeorge (Mrs.)FarmerBishop Close Farm
ForestFrederickFarmerStanners Farm
Middlestone Moor Coal Co. Ltd.-Colliery ownersColliery owners
OrtonJohnFarmerOx Close Farm
ParkinThomas R.FarmerBurton Beck
ProudlockWilliamLand agentSpennymoor House
RichardsonWilliamShafto Arms Public House-
SnowJohn WilliamGardener to R.C.D. Shafto esq. J.P.-
Whitworth Park Coal Co. Ltd.-Colliery owners-
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