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This is your opportunity to be part of an important historical record of Spennymoor

This is a community site - and relies on contributions of information and pictures from the general public. We are interested in all types of information, as well as pictures.
Q. What will you accept?
  • Photographs of Streets or Buildings
  • Old School photographs
  • Family Pictures
  • Census information
  • People stories
  • Old Postcards
  • etc...
Q. How old should Pictures be?
The pictures don't need to very old - as long as they are old enough to be of interest.
Q. How can I send the Pictures or Information?
There are two ways:
1) By Email:

Click here to send an email:[email protected] - don't forget to attach your pictures and relevant information.

2) If you haven't got email, then you can send items by post. We will scan the photographs and then return them to you. Don't forget to give as much information as possible, including your name and address so that we can return any of your pictures:

Picture Spennymoor
c/o 43 Meadow Green
Co Durham
DL16 6TN
Q. What format should the pictures be in?
Preferably JPEG (.jpg) or GIF (.gif) but its not essential. Send the highest quality scanned picture and we'll reduce it to size.
Q. What if the Pictures don't belong to me?
You must get permission from the person who owns the pictures before you send them.